Homedics Mcs-510h This Homedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion features: 4 independent traveling nodes 6 different massage programs for a truly customized massage Spot massage feature holds the massage right where you need it Width of the...

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Homedics MCS 700 Image

The Homedics Mcs-750h This Massage Cushion has Quad Massage Nodes with heat control, ready for use with any chair: Three massage styles in one cushion for the ultimate massage experience Percussion: for fast, invigorating massage Kneading:...

$169.99 as at 16:20 UTC. (Details)

Homedics Mcs-600H Shiatsu Shiatsu Back and Shoulder Massager 'Homedics Mcs-600h' with Vertical Command Tracking allows you to adjust the massage to fit your height. With a state-of-the-art dual moving massage mechanism for the...

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Homedics Mcs-400h: State of the art Shiatsu rolling massage travel up and down the back. Enjoy 25% more massage from other models. Perfect fit feature customizes massage to your height and width control fits your body. Spot Shiatsu holds the massage...

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Homedics Mcs-360H The Homedics Mcs-360H Brings the comfort of a swedish masseur right into your living room. This swedish massaging cushion provides relaxing comfort on the go with four rotating massaging mechanisms and a heated pad to soothe...


The HoMedics MCS-210H Shiastu Massage Cushion features two Shiastu massage nodes that travel up and down your back for a relaxing massage. A corded hand-control lets you customize your massage: choose lower, upper or full back with a heat option to...

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